Back End Engineer

A-eye Tech is developing  consumer facing web-applications using back-end software development skills, including backend business logic, and data management.

We are seeking an experienced software engineer to lead the Backend Technology team at A-eye tech. This team is responsible for developing systems and APIs which will manage a very large amount of data in an efficient and secure manner.

The successful candidate will have strong technical skill, an ability to navigate trade-offs, and a dedication to delivering quality code.



  • Contribute to standards and best practice for software engineering
  • Share and seek expertise across groups at A-eye tech
  • Contribute to the software development culture of the group.
  • Develop and maintain relationships across groups with all the stakeholders in the systemDesign.
  • Extend and review software architecture.
  • Be hands on and involved with every stage of the product development cycle.
  • Contribute to standards and best practice for software engineering.
  • Share and seek expertise across groups at A-eye tech

  Key Qualifications:

    • 3+ years software engineer experience with evidence of excellence.
    • Strong development skills in languages such as Javascript, go, java, c/c++, python.
    • Experience with real time servers and databases such as Node.js.
    • Experience with big data softwares (e.g. Apache Hadoop, Spark, Apache Cassandra).
    • Experience with developing APIs with the care they deserve (e.g. gRPC/REST with OpenAPI/Swagger, Django and Flask).
    • Experience with compFlex queries for NoSQL (e.g. Elasticsearch, Mongo DB,Cassandra, etc…).
    • Comfortable navigating trade-offs to bring the right data structures and algorithms to the problem, with a solid grasp of distributed algorithms (e.g. distributed consensus).
    • Meticulous around visibility of the systems you build; openmetrics (prometheus/grafana), centralised structured logging, tracing.
    • Dedicated to unit and integration testing and coverage.
    • Solid systems understanding (specifically Linux, and particularly around performance analysis).
    • Comfortable using the tools of the trade; debuggers, source control, profiling, unit test coverage.
    • Experience with cloud native deployment practices; specifically, containers and container orchestration platforms (Docker/Kubernetes/Helm) and the kubernetes environment (networking, nginx ingress, apache, haproxy, etc) and familiarity with cloud native development best practices (12 factor applications).
    • Familiarity with publish/subscribe event buses such as Apache Kafka or NATS, as well as distributed data stores (relational and otherwise) and an understanding of underlying technologies (e.g. log-structured merge trees, raft etc).
    • Knowledge with object stores (S3, geographically distributed storage)Familiar with authentication and authorizations techniques (e.g. OpenID Connect)

What we offer:

    • An opportunity to change the world and work with some of the best and smartest people in the field.
    • Growth potential. We rapidly advance team members who have an outsized impact.
    • Flexible vacation policy.
    • Flexible Remotely/Office Policy
    • Snacks !


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